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Eaton House The Manor Girls’ Mr Motivator Keep Fit Challenge

Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School 3 min read , May 28, 2021

Children’s mental health has never been more important, and to support that Eaton House The Manor Girls got into the action with 80s guru Mr Motivator (real name Derek Evans) to support children’s mental health by taking part in a national keep fit challenge for charity.

Mr Motivator challenge: boom boxes and tutus are essential!

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Children’s mental health challenge - some 302 schools took part!

The Eaton House Girls found that trying for a record-breaking fitness challenge for 302 schools with 80s fitness guru Mr Motivator for charity hub Body & Soul was so much fun! Hundreds of schools took part in this wonderful and exhilarating fitness challenge to support a record attempt for the most people performing a fitness routine at one time!

The project, called ‘Body and Soul,’ has been launched in partnership with Oasis Community Learning, The Children’s Society and Applause for Thought. It is a special routine that aims to lift children’s spirits after a tough year, whilst raising funds to support young people’s mental health.

Children's Mental Health
The girls dressed up to the nines in neon
Keep it up Duggee!

Garish workout gear

Wearing their most garish workout gear, and paying homage to Mr Motivator’s colourful jumpsuits, Mr Snowball and the girls joined Miss Leah to bounce, shake and groove their way through a workout session in the hall. It was designed to raise money and awareness for children’s mental health and mental health in general during Mental Health Week.

I’m awesome!’ – Mr Motivator’s catchphrases

Children’s mental health is also improved by positive feedback, embodied by Mr Motivator’s feel-good catchphrases of ‘I’m awesome!’, ‘Come on everybody!’, ‘Yeah!, ‘Fabulous’ and ‘So good!’ They rang out from the big screen as the teachers and girls exercised together in their fluorescent and garish 80s gym kits and neon tabards.

Children's Mental Health
The girls took instructions from Mr Motivator himself

Children’s mental health inspires neon fashion

During this event, some wore neon headbands, others scrunchies, socks, jewellery, and even tutus! But the star of the show had to be Headmaster, Mr Oliver Snowball, who delighted the girls by wearing a rainbow gym headband with matching wristbands and a yellow neon sports shirt, the epitome of 80s gym chic.

Children's Mental Health
Mr Snowball sports a rainbow headband and cuffs

Eaton House The Manor Girls learned several routines

Over the course of Mental Health Week, the Eaton House The Manor Girls learned several Mr Motivator fitness and dance routines in their form time. No routine proved to be complete without faux 80s boom box and multi-coloured tutu, plus neon glasses and multi-coloured headbands and wristbands!

‘The Eaton House The Manor girls have done us proud!’

Miss Leah, Senior Mistress, (pictured below left) put in a great deal of time and effort to set up this incredible, life-affirming event, which helped to raise both the girls’ energy and money for charitable causes.

Parents were asked to kindly donate £2 per child through the Body & Soul website (link below) or alternatively, please bring in £2 cash on the day, in support of this great cause. Immediately after the session, £300 had been raised in cash donations, not counting the website donations to come, said Miss Kirsten.

“The girls have done us proud,” said Mr Snowball, “The energy that they have put into learning and executing their routines and their ingenious costumes are fantastic!”

Children's Mental Health
Miss Leah organised it all

Further information

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