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State to 8(+)

1 min read , December 7, 2021

Moving your child from state to private school.

Creativity blossoming in an 8(+) private school

Making a decision about your child’s schooling is often a very difficult one where seemingly age-old debates have raged about opposing styles of education. Should I send my child to a single-sex school or a mixed school? An academic-focused or more holistic school? A day school or a boarding school? But perhaps the question that causes the most divide, emotionally, socially and politically, is whether to send children to a state school or a private school.

The British state school system is something that we as a country can be proud of, particularly in London where the concentration of exceptional state schools is often astounding, with many achieving exam results comparable with private schools right the way through the system. However, there can be reasons why children might not be flourishing to their full potential within these schools.

8(+) boys studying science in a 8(+) private school

At Eaton House, our main intake from state schools is at 8+ and this is a common age for parents to make the decision to move their child from state into private schools. We have found from this intake that pupils who are joining us from state schools are bright but for one reason or another have not thrived in a busy primary school, be it academically and psychologically. Often in state schools the highest and lowest achievers stand to gain the most and can receive the most attention from teachers, whilst large class sizes can leave many pupils with a lack of one-to-one teaching time. For this reason, parents often make the decision to move their child to a private school with smaller class sizes where they can get more hands-on attention and start to realise their potential. This is what we often see being borne out at Eaton House and are exceptionally proud of this.

8(+) boys studying in a private school

There is no definitive answer to whether state or private schools are better, and decisions clearly must be made on a child-by-child basis, but for those children who might not be getting the attention they deserve, private schooling from 8+ might just be the way to go.

If you are thinking of moving your child to an independent school at 8+ please visit: https://www.eatonhouseschools.com/admissions/eight-plus

Or give us a call on: 020 3917 5050

Mrs Sarah Segrave

Head of Eaton House The Manor Prep School

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